Corporate Responsibility

Social Responsibility

As TengizTransGroup is a major employer in its key areas of operation, particularly in the Atyrau Region of Kazakhstan, the Group passionately believes that securing the trust and confidence of its workers, and of local communities, are among its most important duties.

The well-being of the people in our areas of operation, and the long-term development of local communities, underpins a sustainable business environment in which TTG can successfully operate.

Alongside our overall business objective of delivering shareholder value, we therefore see our mission as being to create significant and growing value for society through care for our staff, for our local communities and for the environment.

Caring for our employees

The Group’s business success depends on the quality of its employees. We aim to attract and retain the best employees in all the areas in which we operate. We are committed to treating them fairly, developing their full potential, and providing a positive working environment.

TTG’s relationships with its employees are governed by the Collective Contract. This is designed to ensure protection of the workers’ social and labour rights and guarantees, and to provide them with transparent and clear guidelines on their rights and responsibilities and the social practices adopted by the Group. All employees of TTG are covered by the Collective Contract.

Since 2010, all workers in TTG’s operating companies have been members of the Group’s Trade Union, which maintains an effective and constructive dialogue, on their behalf, with the Group’s management.

The Group continues to offer its employees competitive salaries and additional benefits. All our employees are provided with free food, at work, at the Group’s expense. The Group provides all its workers with the medical cover, as well as overalls and personal protection equipment.

The Group supports its retired employees with additional financial payments and occasional presents. Summer camp holidays are provided by the Group for employees’ children.