Business and operations

Sulphur transportation

TengizTransGroup started its interaction with sulphur related activities in 2010 by rolling stock providing for operational leasing and while simultaneously expanding the scope of services related to the specific cargo transportation.

Further, the Group started providing gondola preloading preparation services, anticorrosion treatment, railcar modernization services, and maintenance of liquid sulphur rail tank cars. Today, TengizTransGroup provides services related to rolling stock operating under sulphur transportation processes.

Since 2010, the Group has transported over 3 million tons of sulphur.

TengizTransGroup possesses regulatory and technical documentation for solid sulphur transportation in gondolas, underwent anticorrosion treatment, using methods of tent covering and applying disposable railcar liners made of laminated polymer fabric.

One of the main tasks of TengizTransGroup is to ensure transportation safety of all commercial types of sulphur with its minimum impact to the environment and health of people, and maximum compliance with the customers’ technical, economic, and safety requirements.