About TTG



Key events in the Group's history:

The Group has become a member of The Sulphur Institute (TSI).
TSI is an international, non-profit organization established in 1960. It is the global advocate for sulphur, representing all stakeholders engaged in producing, consuming, trading, handling or adding value to sulphur.
The members of TSI are more than 60 companies of oil industry.
TengizTransGroup's railcar fleet was increased by purchasing of additional 508 gondola cars.
Since January, 2015 the Ak-Zhayik-7LLP depot commenced to modernize railcars of the model 15-1547-03 (2005 year of made) with assignment of a new model 15-9543-01.
The Company has begun to rend forwarding services with provision of cars under technical run.

Since December, 2014 the Ak-Zhayik-7LLP depot of Atyrau along with the existing planned and current types of repairs of cars has begun to make Upgrading of cars with model 15-1547-03 (since 2005 year made) with assignment of the model 15-9543. A possibility of carrying out the process of upgrading based on Ak-Zhayik-7 LLP became result of professional work of all staff in depot and has been confirmed with the legal decision of 58th CSZT meeting from 09.09.2014. Upgrading allows our clients to use these cars for transportation of wider freights nomenclature (in particular, crude oil), thereby increasing commercial suitability of model 15-1547-03.
The Company has received a distinction and an award from KAZAPO.

For the high and significant contribution for development of a railway industry branch of joint-stock company "the Kazakhstan Temir Zholy national company - "The Mangystau department of the road" awarded CEO of Tengiztransgaz LLP with the sign of "Honourable Railroad Worker".
The Group started trial operation of the Automated Corporate Management System for business processes which received the working name "ACMS"

In 2012 Tengiztransgaz LLP became the official representative of JSC Stakhanov Car-building Plant in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on realization of freight cars and utilities.

Since April 2012, the Group has started to transport forwarding freight of "Tengizchevroil” LLP.

It should be noted that in 2012, some of our achievements have been awarded the assessment and awards:

Kazakhstanian Association of Carriers and Rail Cars (containers) Operators awarded "Tengiztransgas" LLP the title of "Leader of the Operator Business" and was awarded a diploma for the reliable and stable operation for more than 10 years in domestic and international transport market.

The Association of National Freight Forwarders Company awarded "Tengiz Forwarding Company" LLP diploma of "Leader of the Freight Forwarding Business";

The Association of National Freight Forwarders Company recognized "Tengiz Forwarding Company" LLP "A Successful Company in 2012" by awarding a medal and certificate.
In line with gradual increase of the fleet "Tengiztransgas" LLP, has purchased 300 open cars of the model of 12-4106 manufactured by "Dneprovagonmash" PJSC. The cars were leased under long-term contract.

In July 2011, "Ak-Zhayik" depot achieved a new record by making 630 of scheduled repairs. This record was a result of expansion of its capacity, upgrade of the production equipment, enhancement of the quality of maintenance, improvement of the personnel skills, arrangement of teamwork and management control. This is the highest ever performance achieved by Depot .

As Kazakhstan’s rolling stock operational leasing services provider, TengizTransGroup states that Ak-Zhaiyk-7 wagon-maintenance enterprise, a member of the Group, has received a license for overhauling and model 15-1482 liquid sulfur tanks service life extension.
The license was approved at the 51st meeting of authorized representatives of CIS railway administrations on 20-22 April 2011. In December 2010, the Ak-Zhaiyk-7 depot received an equivalent license for overhauling and model 15-1443 oil and gasoline tanks service life extension.

As Kazakhstan’s rolling stock operational leasing services provider, TengizTransGroup introduced international safety management system to RIP-Gas, its subsidiary enterprise.
The implemented safety management system complies with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international standards.

“Rip-gas" LLP took part in the Contractor Health Environment Safety Management (CHESM) program, which is a standard process for all business units of the "Chevron" corporation, including TCO, and one of the key processes of optimization of production.
Launch of the freight-forwarding business and purchased a further 700 gondolas and 250 boxcars to replace previously leased-in railcars and also expanded the number of railcars leased to TCO by an additional 200 gondolas and 250 boxcars
Further fleet expansion through the leasing-in of 500 additional gondolas and the acquisition of 150 oil tank railcars
TTG commences railcar holding track (railcar parking) operations at the Dossor-Service depot in October 2008 and purchases further 425 oil tank railcars, all of which were leased to TCO
A further 970 oil tank railcars purchased and leased to TCO
TTG acquires its railcar repair depot Ak-Zhayik-7 through a post-privatisation process and purchases further 200 oil tank railcars
Transport Holding subsidiary is established. 455 oil tank railcars purchased
Tengiz Transport Company subsidiary is established to manage the Group’s railcar leasing operation. Purchase of 300 LPG tank railcars
TTG acquires its fleet of 796 railcars from Alautransgas
TTG is established and acquires RIP-Gas facility from Alautransgas