Business and operations

Railcar repair and maintenance

The Group's is able to offer an integrated service to customers through the provision of both repair and maintenance. TTG undertakes four different types of repair and maintenance services and operates two primary locations in Western Kazakhstan - the Ak-Zhayik-7 depot and the RIP-Gas facility.



The Ak-Zhayik-7 primary facility is located in Atyrau, close to the Tengiz oil field developed by TCO. The depot provides following types of services:

The Ak-Zhayik-7 provides services to all types of freight rail cars. Its service capacity is up to 600 depot and overhaul repairs per month.




The Rip-gas is located in Kulsary, 100 kilometres from the Tengiz gas-processing plant and LPG loading sight owned by TCO. The depot provides the following services:

Services mentioned above are for LPG tank railcars only. The facility is currently the only site in Kazakhstan which provides specialised services to the LPG rail tanks. It has capacity to service up to 3,600 LPG tank railcars a month. Also it has 23.5 km approaching railway lines for simultaneous storage of 1800 railcars. 


Dossor-Service provides preparation, maintenance and storage of railcar fleet. Company positions itself on sulphur transportation, using railcar protective liners. Also provides services of internal logistics management of Kashagan oil field.

Types of repair and maintenance

Four primary types of repair and maintenance services are carried out by the Group: