About TTG


TTG Group Holding BV is incorporated in Netherlands and is the Group’s holding company. Tengiztransgas is its wholly-owned Kazakh subsidiary, which incorporates operational subsidiaries. The Group's operations are primarily located in Western Kazakhstan, with its head office in Almaty and a representative office in Astana.

The Group is based in Almaty and maintains a representative office in Astana. As of 31 December 2016, the Group had 741 employees. Its repair and maintenance and railcar parking operations are based in Western Kazakhstan, where most of the country's oil and gas industry is located.

Its Rip-gas facility is located in Kulsary, only 100 kilometres from the Tengiz gas-processing plant owned by TCO, and parking depot is located at Dossor only 220 kilometres from the Tengiz field. Ak-Zhayik-7 depot is located in Atyrau, 327 kilometres from the Tengiz oil field operated by TCO.